Autism Groups For Girls in Birmingham

Do you have a daughter who is on the autism spectrum or who shows traits of autism?

Would you like to meet other parents and let your daughter come and meet other girls in a similar position in a relaxed environment?

Somewhere Over The Spectrum Birmingham North and Birmingham South are girls autism groups with regular meetings scheduled in Sutton Coldfield and Bournville.

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    Duke Street Church

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    Our girls' lovely artwork

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    Play in a safe environment


picture of autism group meeting

Autism in girls is often diagnosed later than in boys. Our girls can be quiet and well behaved and are very good at copying their peers in order to fit in.

By sharing experiences and ideas, our groups are a great resource for parents trying to gain a better understanding of their daughter's condition.


autistic girl drawing

Our daughters are predominantly of school age. There are no upper or lower age limits.

They come to play and are encouraged to engage in group activities, but they are still very welcome if they prefer their own company. Things to do will normally include art, craft or perhaps some simple cookery.


image of autism collage

As well as learning from each other and devising activities, we regularly attract guest input into our group sessions.

Birmingham North recently invited Barnardo's to talk about Internet safety. Birmingham South have held a dietician session on the subject of 'Autism and Eating'.